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Spotlight 9 Test 6
Module V-1
1. Fill in the missing word. There are two words you do not need to use: cut down on, burn, thir crowds, home-made, starving, shaking, screamed, beat.
1. I missed supper and I'm … ! 2 I love … bread! It's so much better than what we buy at the bakery.
3. Ann doesn't go to busy markets because she can't being in …
4. If you want to lose weight, you should… sweets and exercise more.
5. David was very nervous about giving a speech in class, and started … like a leaf,
6. Did you bring any water? I'm so …
7. Mum jumped on a chair and … loudly when she saw a mouse in the kitchen.
2 Underline the correct item.
1. Anne is thinking about putting on/going on a diet, as she wants to lose some weight.
2. A plece of fruit is healthy dessert/snack to have if you hungry between meals
3. Fear is a basic human/nervous emotion which is often accompanied by panic or shock. 4 Carrot is rich/full in vitamins A and C. 5 Exercise helps us destroy/burn calories more easily.
3. Fill in the correct form of the verbs in brackets,
1. If I … (be) you, I would be very careful; there are poisonous snakes in this area.
2. Your headache will go away if you … (take) some aspirin.
3. If I …(eat) breakfast this morning, I would have concentrated better on my math's test.
4. The operator … (connect) you to the emergency service if you dial 999.
5. If you … (have) a driving license, you would get this job,
6. If you had gone with me to Paris last month, you … (see) the Eifel Tower too.
4. Fill in: to, from, in.
1. All roads lead … Rome.
2. Vitamin C protects you … coughs and fly.
3. I am allergic … cat hair.
4. He's really … good shape.
5. It took her four months to recover … her sickness

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