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Задание 1. Запишите глагол в форме Present Simple.
Например: 0. Jason the doctor every Monday. (to visit)
0. Jason visits the doctor every Monday.
0. Jason the doctor every Monday. (not/to visit)
0. Jason doesn't visit the doctor every Monday.

1. She
tennis every day. (to play)
2. Kate and Jake
to school by bicycle. (to go)
3. Father
to work by car. (to go)
4. I
at school. (to study)
5. We
videos in the evening. (to watch)
6. Kate
apples. (not/to like)
7. They
in the morning. (not/to walk)
Задание 2. Запишите глагол в форме Present Continuous.
0. We football now. (to play)
0. We are playing football now.

1. She
the news now. (to watch)
2. Children
a test now. (to write)
3. I
to music now. (to listen)
4. They
a project at the moment. (to make)
5. Look! Mark
his new bike. (to ride)
Задание 3. Обращая внимание на указатели времени ( usually, often, now, Look! и т. д.), определите, какая форма требуется в предложении: Present Simple или Present Continuous.

Заполните пропуски глаголами в формах Present Simple или Present Continuous, образованными от глаголов, данных в скобках.
1. My sister usually
(to work) in Moscow but at the moment she
(to work) in St Petersburg.
2. I often
(to cycle)to school.
3. He
(to read) a book now.
4. My mom
(to cook) every day.
5. The lessons
(to start) at 9 o'clock.
6. Look! The boys
(to play) football. Let's go and play with them.

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