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Reading Task I. Read the text and answer the questions. "It's tea "a" clock!" As a mation, https: leamenelishteens brtsheeunsiltes teens likesike atis lepablek Brits are infamous for our love of tea, It is a very common - and largely accurate - stereetype of the UK. All tea drinkers tend to be quite particular about how they like their tea. When serving whers tea, there are two important questions: "Would you like sugar in your tea," and "How much milk do you like in vour tea?", Unlike many countries in Europe, us Brits like our tea with milk. There are relatively few people whe would relish a cup of black tea. Of course, when it comes to thuit teas milk is out of the quesion, it would be considered rather odd to add milk to a cup of fruit toa. Adding sugar is the simple part. one cube or two does the trick for most people. Milk, on the other hand, can cause many problems, Some people, like my father, insist on punting the milk in the mug first and thon povaring in in the tea. My mother always complains absut this way of doing it. She prelers to brew the wa, pour it into a mug and then add the milk. She says that this way she can make sure it cods up the right shade of brown. Some people like their tea very milky, othees like it with very litle milk. As far as I'm concemed, the true cup of tea should be a medium to dark brown - something we often refer to as a builder's brew. Tea can be drunk in mugs or cups, at home, many people drink tom a mug, whereas tearooms tend to serve tea in cups with saucers. Often, people will have a biscunt with their tea, Lots of people like to dunk biscuits into their cup of tea, Toa is, of cose, an essential element of the famous afternoon tea. Contrary to the stereotype, us Brits don't inhalge in attermoon tea every day at 4pm. We will drink tea at any time of day, but atternoon hea is a spevial affair. If you're in a tearoom, it will tend to include a selection of small sandwiches and cakos with

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