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Reading Read the email and answer the questions.

Frim: Emily

[email protected]

Sject Birthday Party!

Dear Jen,

I'm sorry that you could not come to my birthday party last Saturday. We prepared all week for the party and there was a lot of food! My sister, Ann, helped me with the planning. She did the shopping and made a chocolate cake.

Dad bought me a digital camera which I really needed. Mum bought me a great skirt with green and yellow polka dots. Mum is the manager of a clothes shop so she knows what is in fashion. I wore it for the party and it looked really cool! I hope I get to see you soon! Love,


e. g. Who is Emily sending an email to? Jen

42 How long did Emily and her sister prepare for the party?

43 How did Ann help?

Which shops did Emily's presents come from?

46 What is Emily's mother's job?

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