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5. Записать предложения, добавив согласно правилу конструкцию (to be) going . 1. / hirе a car (взять напрокат автомобиль). 2. Не/ rent a boat (взять напрокат лодку). 3. She/buy some stamps (купить марки) 4. Wel go shopping. 5. Yоu take a camera (взять фотоаппарат). 6. They/travel abroad (путешествовать за границей)

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Ячерез переводчик этот текст сделал.проверьте его poverty - a global social problem, actively studied and has a lot of similarities in the whole world. theoretically poverty, according to most researchers, is the inability to maintain an acceptable standard of living, therefore, the «classic» poor families existed at all times and everywhere. and, unfortunately, the more will be the rich get richer, the more will the poor get poorer. especially it concerns russia, with its unstable economy and instability in the society. although the average income, taking into account income and of those, and other, as do government structures, shows that russia is not the country is poor, just a redistribution of income is constantly leans in favor of the wealthy. the need became stable and reproducible reality for millions of russians, not only caught up in extreme conditions (the unemployed, refugees, families with many children, single, low-income parents, people with disabilities, disabled pensioners, but for able-bodied workers crisis industries and scarce areas (the defense industry, machine building, light industry, agriculture, budgetary institutions). we can not say that the state uses various programs for the reduction of poverty in our country. all developed countries of the world constantly continue to improve their systems of social support of the poor. they are trying to find the border, for which this support should not go, not to undermine the foundation of the economy - the desire of the people to work, because the only way you can secure yourself and your relatives a worthy and, moreover, a comfortable existence.