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7 Use the words from the boxes to complete the conversation.

Слова які треба вставить: looks ,didn't, anything ,can't ,more, have ,how would ,ready ,not

Matt: Hi, Jake! It's great to see you! really
Jake: Yeah, you too, Matt- and this cafe's great. The food here ¹___good.

Matt: It does- and let's hope it'll taste really good, too! Anyway, it was my birthday yesterday, so I'm paying!

Jake: Thanks! | 2___ realise it was your birthday. Did you do 3___ special?

Matt: Yeah, we went to the cinema, to see the action film Doors. It was cool! But it started 4___ slowly than any action film I've ever seen! Have you seen it yet?

Jake: No, but I'm going next week, so now I 5 wait to see it for myself!

Matt: You'll love it! So,.are 6 you to order?

Jake: OK, I'll 7 a pizza, please.

Matt: OK-me too! And what 8___you like to drink?

Jake: A cola, please. Is that OK?

Matt: Of course! And ⁹ about ordering some chips?

Jake: Oh, 10 for me, thanks. Just a pizza will be fine.

Matt: OK, cool.

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