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Now, I am going to tell you a story and I swear every word of it it is true. Three years ago I
started to feel very sick. I had terrible headaches, I felt tired all the time, and all my body ached.
In the end I went to hospital and had some tests. Well, when they told me the news…I couldn’t
believe it. They said I had a rare bone disease, and there was nothing they could do. They said
that within just a few months I would be in a wheelchair – for the rest of my life.
Well, I decided I wouldn’t give up without the fight. I’ve always been interested in
alternative medicine, so when a friend told me about stories he’d heard of a kind of witchdoctor
in Indonesia who could work miracles – I decided to take a chance. I sold my house, said
goodbye to my friends and flew to Indonesia.
When I got to Jakarta I took a train and then two buses up into the mountains to this tiny
village in the middle of nowhere. When I arrived I asked people, “Yayang? Yayang?”
That’s the name of the witchdoctor my friend told me about. Then a small boy –he must
have been seven or eight – took my hand and led me out of the village and further up into the
mountains. For two days we walked. I was in terrible pain the whole time……but I was
determined to go on. Eventually we reached a small hut and I could see a strange man standing
outside. He was short, and covered in mud or something like that. He smiled and took me into his
hut. I didn’t say anything – he just seems to know why I was there.
Well……..in the hut it was really dark but I could see lots of bowls all around, each full of
some kind of herb or plant or something. He told me to lie down and he put his hands on my head
and started to sing. All of a sudden I felt a great energy come into me. He did this for maybe half
an hour and then he gave me something to drink. I don’t know what it was. It was a thick brown
liquid and it smelled awful, But I still drank it.
Well, to cut the long story short, I stayed there for a week. Every day the witchdoctor did
the same thing, and I drank the same liquid. After a week the boy came back. I felt so good I
almost ran back to Jakarta. When I got home I went back to the same hospital and had the same
tests, and guess what? The disease had completely gone. There was no sign of anything. They
couldn’t believe it. Like I say, that was three years ago and here I am, still strong and healthy.

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