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Read the text about travelling with friends and mark the statements as True, False or Not Stated.

Travelling with someone you know is a very easy way to test your friendship. Travelling routine means you will quickly find out a lot about another person through the way they react. Even the boring everyday parts of travelling will reveal a new side to their personality.

I personally believe that travelling with friends is the best way to travel! Whether it is backpacking around the world or just taking a weekend trip to a different city, I highly recommend doing it with friends. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are quite obvious: you are guaranteed good company with someone you know and get along well with. If things go wrong, you know someone else will be there with you to help you. Most people come back from travelling much closer to each other than they were before. It's also fun to create special and unique memories with someone close to you. One of the major upsides is that you know what to expect from your friends.

However, there can be disadvantages. Often, travelling puts you in a lot of stressful situations. For example, when I went to Morocco with my friends last year, lots of things went wrong: both of my friends were very ill, we all ran out of money and we were stuck on a bus for eleven hours! By the end of the trip we were all very upset and frustrated and didn't feel well. For a while we were so angry at each other that we ended up taking it out on each other. Another disadvantage is that if you always travel with a group of close friends, you never meet anyone else! One of the best parts of travelling is broadening your horizons by meeting different people, but if you're with people you already know you can become too comfortable and never expand your circle. Finally, fights over money can be very difficult for a friendship – it's best to know in advance what your budgets are!

Overall, I certainly think that travelling with friends is a great idea. I plan to go away on holiday this summer with my best friends from university, and I'm sure it will be a great trip. But if anything goes wrong, I will remember to relax, not get angry at anyone and not let it ruin our friendship!

1) Travelling with people you know can tell you more about their personalities.
2) Pleasant company is not guarantied even is you travel with close friends.
3) Travelling with friends cannot prevent you from getting into stressful situations.
4) One of the best things about travelling is meeting new people of your age.
5) On the whole, the narrator does not recommend travelling with friends.

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