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Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets: past simple, past continuous, or past perfect.

I (wake up) on the morning of the maths exam with a horrible feeling in my stomach. I knew that I (not study) enough the night before and that I was going to fail. When I left home it (rain) and there was a lot of traffic. I (arrive) five minutes late and the exam (already, start). I sat down quickly and looked at the questions. I (not can) answer any of them! It was the most difficult exam, the teacher ever (give us). I (sit) next to one of my friends called Sophie and I could see that she (write) very quickly. She was great at maths. Suddenly I had an idea. I (look) at the teacher. He (stand) by the window and he (not look) at us. I wrote a message on a piece of paper and threw (передал) it to Sophie. It said “I need help”. Sophie (already, finish) the exam. She copied the answers on a piece of paper and quickly passed it to me. The following day our teacher (call) us both to his room. We saw that he (hold-держать) my exam paper, and Sophie’s, too. He told us that we (both, fail) the exam. We (write) exactly the same answers for every questions, including several wrong answers.

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