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A Fill the gaps with one word in the right form. The first letter is given. Дам 40б 0 The ceremony preceded___ the reception party.

1 The German-b virtuoso has been living in England for five years.

2 More cl is needed of what exactly is expected of us before we can begin.

3 We’ll sell off the liabilities and keep the a of the company.

4 As you can see, it is a small p that gets under the skin and lives off the blood of the animal.

5 What a r. I’ve never known him to get so angry and aggressive.

6 Sales are bound to fl throughout the year. They never stay the same.

7 She packed everything e her computer, which she decided to leave at home.

8 The Flea Club is a great v to hear live music.

9 Recent statistics in that we should expect an improvement in the near future.

10 They were attacked by a s of bees.

11 Despite studying it for weeks, they still haven’t been able to i what species of animal it is.

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