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. The results of these experiments … to be very interesting.

a) suppose; b) supposed; c) are supposed; d) is supposed

A film about London … in room 5 now.

a) is shown; b) being shown; c) has been shown; d) is being shown

She did not know that she … by him.

a) was being watched; b) is being watched; c) was watching; d) had been watched

If I… free tomorrow I shall have a walk in the park.

a) will be; b) am; c) is being; d) would be

The two towns… by a railway next year.

a) connected; b) are connected; c) will be connected; d) will have been connected

The article … that’s why I asked him for help.

a) had not been translated; b) was not translated; c) has not been translated; d) was not being translated

The report …by him yet.

a) is not prepared; b) was not prepared; c) has not been prepared; d) had not been prepared

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