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Put the adjectives in the suitable degree. 1. Which is (near) to London? Oxford or Cambridge?
2. Which is (quick) way to Hyde Park?
3. Tom is (good-looking) his brother.
4. My sister Claire is very young but her friend Rose is ...(young)
5. This is (high) tower I have ever seen.
6. Is your computer better than mine? No, it is(bad)
7. He always sits in (good) seat.
8. Which is (large)city in Portugal 9. She is very beautiful. She is (pretty) girl I know.

10. We must go home without ...(far) delay.
11. Your room is dirty but his is..(bad).
12. New is(busy) town I visited in USA.

13. It is five miles (longer) to Dover than is to Oxford.

14. Which town is..(far) from Oporto?

15. The fields are (green), because is spring.

16. I can dance.. (well) you.

17. Who works..(hard) in the office?

18. Who is...(dever) pupil in the dassroom?

19. He has felling even (bad) than yesterday.
20. What's the name of..(small) and (poor) country in the world?
21. This is the..(nice) place I've ever been it

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