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Complete the text with past simple or past continuous A lorry driver
down on the motorway. The driver
the engine when a second lorry driver
(need) help.
The penguins' driver
(drive) 200 penguins to London Zoo when his lorry
(get) out of the cab and
(stop) in front of him and
(explain) that hel
(ask) if the other man would take the penguins there. Hel
(not be) not a good day. First of all, my alarm clock
(have) a shower, my dad
(rain) and I got very wet. When I
hard and in silence. The teacher |
to join us. 'Everyone
(look) at
(ask) if he
(take) the penguins to the zoo and
(not ring). Then, while
(go) to work so I had to walk to school.
(walk) into class everyone l
(look) at me and said, 'Good afternoon John. How nice of you
(laugh). I
(be) so embarrassed.

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