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Complete the sentences with a lot of, much, many. 1)1 have... work to do today. 2) He has met ... interesting people during his travel. 3) Have you eaten ... ice cream? 4) I bought ... souvenirs for all my friends. 5) My mother always cooks ... food for the weekend. 6) She can’t sleep. She has drunk ... coffee. 7) There weren’t ... cars in the street. 8) She hasn’t put ... sugar into your tea. 9) Were there ... people at the concert? 10) Tony doesn’t like to spend ... time in front of TV. 11) Is there ... juice left in the bottle? 12) There are ... interesting places to visit during your holidays. 13) Young people have got ... opportunities to get higher education. 14) She doesn’t have ... friends in this town. 15) They didn’t spend ... money for food.

27. Circle the correct item.

1) There is a little/a few furniture in this room. 2) We can’t buy this jacket. We have too little/few money. 3) I can’t finish the project on time. I have only a little/few people to help me. 4) She bought a little/a few magazines to read in the plane. 5) Henry has bought too little/few cheese. It isn’t enough for pizza. 6) Sue got a little/a few letters on e-mail yesterday. 7) The woman switched on the lamp as there was too little/few light in the room. 8) Tom told a little/a few jokes and everybody enjoyed them. 9) Helen will tell you a little/a few words about the people you are going to meet. 10) My mother always adds a little/a few lemon juice into the salad.

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