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6. Put in the correct present perfect verb form. Поставьте глаголы в форму настоящего совершенного времени.

1) We (see/never) have never seen this film before.

2) They (live)

here for ten years.

3) She (work) in our office for six years.

4) The children (eat/not) 5) His parents (help). their dinner yet. him for a long time.

6) Lillian (be)

in Australia three times.

7) Tom (play/never) hockey before.

8) I (read/not)

«The Mystery of Castle Croome>> yet.

9) Ann (finish/not)

her training yet. the big birthday 10) Mother (cook/already) cake.

11) At last I (finish). 12) Mary (be/never) my work. to London.

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