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Xll. 3аполннте пропускн одннм из следуошнx слов: еlsе, more, still, other, another, yet.
1. What ... books by Dickens, besides Oliver Twist,
did you read in your childhood? 2. Who wants to take
part in this performance? 3. How many... days shall we
travel about the country? 4. Will anybody... take part
in the performance? 5. Aren't you ready? 6. I think
he's in the office, he doesn't usually leave till seven.
7. What... would you like to buy? 8. Would you like to say
anything? 9. I'll have... cup of tea. I'm... thirsty.
10. I can't go to the theatre today. Ask someone... to
join you. 11. What... foreign languages does your friend
speak? 12. I think we'll... be working on it at twelve tomor-
row. 13. Ask Fred to take part in the performance. No
can do it better than he does. 14. My son can't
read. 15. We hope that a few... people will take part in the discussion 16.it’s … very early. Someone…may…join us.

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