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Read about the jobs some people had when they were teenagers. Are the statements True (T) or False (F)? Ron
My parents had a shop so we all helped out in the holidays and sometimes on Saturdays during the school year . I stacked shelves and my brother delivered newspapers to all the neighbours . It was hard but after a year I had enough money to buy a laptop .

I looked after the neighbours ' children when the parents wanted to go out . I often did that on weekdays so I took my homework with me and I did it when the children were in bed . I didn't make a lot of money but it was fun and I enjoyed it .

I love films so I had the perfect job . I worked part - time in the local cinema . It was fantastic . I sold tickets and then when the film started , I stayed to watch . I think I probably saw every film with Brad Pitt and I also liked watching the films with Julia Roberts . I was very lucky . The money wasn't important and I usually spent it very quickly .

We lived on a farm in the country so it was impossible to get a job in the town because it was too far away so I worked at home . I helped my mother with the housework . I also cooked on Fridays . I didn't get any money but now I'm a chef and I earn my money cooking in a famous restaurant in Barcelona .

There was a big factory near our house so I had a job there during the school holidays . I worked nights . The money was good because the work was hard and we usually worked twelve hours at a time . I often felt tired and depressed but it was good training

When I was a teenager I studied English at school so in the holidays I worked for tourists in my town in the Czech Republic . I worked for the information office and when there a few people I showed them the interesting places . I love history so I really enjoyed talking to them ... and it was good practice for my English .

example Ron worked in a shop . T (True)
1 Ron worked every weekend .
2 Ron saved his money .
3 Grace studied and worked at the same time .
4 Grace didn't like looking after the children
5 Alison worked every day .
6 Alison didn't save any money .
7 Pepe cleaned and tidied .
8 Pepe cooked every day .
9 Donna worked in a factory every weekend .
10 Donna hated her job .
11 Donna thinks it was an important experience .
12 Ivan worked with local people .
13 Ivan spoke English in his job .

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