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Choose the correct answer 1 . I found Mary"s gloves, but I couldn"t find ... . a) my b) mine c) me 2 . Kate and John have a big house. ... house is the most beautiful on our street. a) their b) them c) theirs 3 . Sarah lost ... purse at the party. a) his b) her c) hers 4 . Your homework is done. Help me with ... . a) me b) my c) mine 5 . The dog is licking ... paw. a) its b) it"s c) it

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Составьте 15 предложений к тексту! ! steve jobs (1955—2011), an american businessman, one of the founders of apple inc. company, is also known as father of the digital revolution. he was born in san francisco to two university students who were unmarried then and couldn’t support their baby. the boy was adopted2 at birth by paul reinhold jobs and clara jobs who became loving and caring parents for steve. paul taught him some elementary electronics and how to work with his hands. clara taught steve to read before he went to school. though steve often found school boring, he was known as a gifted student. while in high school1, he met some people who shared his interests in electronics. one of them was stephen wozniak. in 1976 jobs and wozniak formed their own business. they named it “apple computer company” in remembrance of a happy summer jobs had spent picking apples. everyone agrees that it was steve’s character and intellect that helped to make the company what it was. he was certainly the heart and soul2 of the company and its public face. steve was responsible for designing new products, marketing and finding the best possible people for the company. under his leadership the company had the greatest success in business history and developed such world-famous products as imac, itunes, ipod, iphone, ipad and many others. steve jobs was a perfectionist. nothing was ever “good enough” for him — it had to be perfect. it seemed that he worked 24 hours a day. this devotion to work and great interest in it helped him to become a real winner and achieve great results working together with his team. steve loved songs by bob dylan and was a great fan of the beatles. this is what he once said about them, “they were four guys balanced each other. and the total was greater than the sum of the parts. great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people.” he said that from that point of view the beatles were a model for him.
65 . сделайте аннотацию к этому тексту 6-7 предложений с данными клише + к этому предложению (burial practices as an archaeological source contain a variety of information. ) напишите 4 специальных вопроса, , ну прям нужно) archaeologists, however, are interested in many other things besides finds. method of barrow construction, types of surface structures and details of the funerary ritual also throw light on the material and spiritual culture of ancient society. burial practices as an archaeological source contain a variety of information. since they represent a stable system, the reconstruction of burial practices permits one to identify six informational units. the first unit reveals the ancients' ideas about the means of passage of the deceased to the other world and of life in the realm [ri: lm] of the dead. the second unit permits the reconstruction of the process of replacement of the archaeological culture by another. the third unit can be used to draw conclusions about the social positions of various sex-age groups in ancient societies. the fourth unit allows one to characterize the social differentiation of ancient societies, as many features of the burial rite are determined by the social rank of the deceased. the fifth unit provides information about the evolution of forms of the family in ancient societies and permits the identification of "outsiders" in the community to which the cemetery belongs; the presence of "outsiders" may be explained in terms of marriage contacts with neighboring communities. the sixth unit contains demographic factors such as life span, stature, decease, and trauma. thus the burial rite is an indispensable source of religious, cultural, sociological, and demographic information on ancient societies. археологи, однако, интересуются многими другими вещами, кроме находок. метод конструкция кургана, типы поверхностных структур и детали ритуала также бросают осветить материальную и духовную культуру древнего общества. практики как археологический источник содержат разнообразную информацию. с тех пор они представляют собой устойчивую систему, реконструкция практики захоронения позволяет определить шесть информационные блоки. первый блок раскрывает представления древних о средствах передвижения. покойного в потусторонний мир и жизни в царстве [ри: лм] мертвых. второй блок разрешает реконструкцию процесса замены археологической культуры другим. третий блок может быть использован, чтобы сделать выводы о социальных позициях различные половые возрастные группы в древних обществах. четвертый блок позволяет охарактеризовать социальная дифференциация древних обществ, так как определяются многие особенности обряда по социальному званию умершего. пятый блок предоставляет информацию об эволюции форм семьи в древних обществах и позволяет выявить «чужаков» в сообщество, к которому принадлежит кладбище; присутствие "посторонних" может быть объяснено с точки зрения брачных контактов с соседними общинами. шестой блок содержит демографические факторы, такие как продолжительность жизни, рост, заболеваемость и травма. таким образом, обряд является незаменимым источником религиозной, культурной, социологической и демографической информации на древних обществах.