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Announcement 1 : If you would like to speak one of our representatives about paying your electric bill today please wait on the line wait for the next available operator please have your account number and credit card details ready. Announcement 2 : If you would like to speak to customer service about a problem with your most recent bill please have your most recent bill at hand next available operator will be with you shortly .

Announcement 3 : Customers who would like to arrange service for a new home please press 4 our representative will arrange a date and time to sent technician to your new home to set up service.

Announcement 4 : If you need to cancel or deactivate your services for any reason please press 5 you must provide a new address to stop service your final bill will be sent to your new address.

Announcement 5 : Hi this is Yong from ABC electricity. How are you today? The reason for the call is with electricity rates at an all time low it looks like you may qualify to power your home at a much lower rate. I just need to ask you a few quick questions.

Annoucement 6 : Hello I am calling from ABC electricity we are calling you today to complete short survey on customer satisfaction it will not take more than 3 minutes.

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