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2: Say who:
a) chose roast beef and cabbage for dinner.
said the charms.
saw rings and chains of ordinary metal.
d) hid in the secret cupboard.
) went to the marble Temple of Flora.
Choose the right ending.
Gerald and Kathleen agreed to pretend that the dry
bread and cheese were roast beef and chicken because
1) they were terribly hungry.
2) they were afraid of the Princess.
3) they were too polite to tell the truth.
b) Jimmy didn't close his eyes because
3: 1) he wanted to cheat.
2) he forgot about it.
3) he had a problem with his eyes.
c) Mabel dressed up as a Princess because
I) she decided to play at a Sleeping Beauty.
2) her aunt was at the fair and couldn't stop her.
3) she had no other clothes.

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