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Переведите shopping centre city mall is conveniently located at 4 km from zaporizhzhya cityncentre in the coastal zone of the dnipro between two densely populated areas of zaporizhzhya in zhovtnevyi administrative district (1b zaporizska street). possessing convenient transport accessibility by public and personal transport, city mall attracts visitors from different districtsof the city. the primary catchment area spans over 145,6 thousand residents. secondary catchment area unites visitors from the left dnipro bank; they are mostly attracted to city mall due to its unique characteristics as tenant mix, shopping centre image and concept. city mall is one of the biggest shopping centres of zaporizhzhya with a total gla 21,500 m2 across the single level. thesecond phase of city mall was opened in april 2011 comprising from a gallery that unites 80 international and local tenants, a food court with 10 restaurants, children’s’ entertainment zone, and ample parking for 800 cars which is shared with diy superstore epicenter. city mall’s anchor tenant is hypermarket auchan which is the largest in the city, generating pedestrian flow forthe centre. most of the city mall tenants are exclusive to city mall in zaporizhzhya. the location of the site is at the north of the city, about five minutes driving distance from the central crossroads of the city – moskovskaya square. the site is linked to the city centre and residential areas east of it by the main thoroughfare of simferopol. the access of south gallery is definedby a good car access and an average accessibility by public transport, in particular trolley-busses and buses supported by routed taxis. pedestrian access is fairly good, people approaching from the south can follow the roads and sidewalks parallel to kyivskaya street. primary catchment area has a population of approximately 250,000 inhabitants and covers the centre and all areas northof the centre in the west, north and east of simferopol. it also covers the villages north of simferopol. the catchment is predominately middle class (as well as upper middle-class consumers in the city centre) and some lower-middle class pockets in the far east and west and to the north outside the ring road. the project site measures 107 000 m2 and consists mainly of greenfield area.the first phase of the shopping centre has been completed, with space leased to furshet (ukrainian hypermarket chain), jusk furniture discounter and a comfy electronics store with a small gallery. the second phase idea comprises the development of south gallery into a regional shopping centre destination. the project amounts to a gla of 32,000 sqm, including a 13 000 sqm gla hypermarketand 19,000 sqm gla shopping centre with entertainment section. the competitive key for yug is the anchor composition, based on maximized anchor strength: hypermarket, consumer electronics, and popular international fashion brands to add to the family entertainment.