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2 Complete the conversation with was/ wasn't and were / weren't. 1 Anna: Hi, George! Where ¹ You 2 George: I know. 13 a concert. Anna: A concert! Lucky you. Who the band? 7 George: It' 8 Anna: George: Yes, they 9 My sister 11 Anna: Oh ¹2 George: Yes, we Anna: 14 George: Coldplay - it's my favourite band. Anna: Great. Where 6 the concert? 15 George: Yes, it ¹ We 16 at school! 13 in London, 14 they good? you yesterday? 5 at Wembley Stadium. They 10 really happy too! she with you? at the front! it a long concert? at excellent. about two hours. really tired at the end. До іть будь ласка даю 20 штук

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