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1) Mark Spark and Betty Brain (be) scientists. 2) Mark (be) and inventor and Betty (be) his assistant.
3) They are in the lab. They (work) on some experiments.
4) What are you making? -I (make) a present for my cousin Gorge. He (come) today for a short visit.
5) It (look) like a carton of milk.
6) Gorge (like) milk and (love) music too.
7) Why (never/weak) ties. -I (hate) ties. But I (weak) this tie because l it (be) a present from my cousin Gorge.
8) What are you cooking? -I (cook) vegetables. -But you (hate) vegetables. You (always/eat) meat. -My cousin (be) a vegetarian. He (not/eat) meat.
9) Thanks goodness he only (stay) for dinner.
10) Where can I put my suitcases? I (stay) for a weak.

1) Where (you/be), Mark? What (you/do)? I (not/see) you all morning. -I (be) in the lab since 6 this morning? -I (work) on a new invention. So tired! -A new invention? But that looks like a football.
2) (you/check) the buttons? -Yes I ,
3) - (you/check) the batteries? -Yes, I .
4) - (you/plug) in the TV? -No, I .

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