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I. Use the prompts to write about the following jobs as in the example. 1. travel agent: arrange travel plans/ travel bureau
A travel agent is a person who arranges travel plans for clients. He works in a travel bureau.
2. waiter: serve food/ restaurant or café

3. nurse: take care of patients/ hospital or doctor’s surgery

4. editor: find and correct mistakes in other people’s writings/ newspaper or magazine

II. Read the passage and write down three questions to it.
Charles Ginsburg led the research team at Ampex Corporation in developing the first practical videotape recorder (VTR). In 1951, the first video tape recorder (VTR) captured live images from television cameras by converting the information into electrical impulses and saving the infor-mation onto magnetic tape. Ampex sold the first VTR for $50, 000 in 1956. The first VCassetteR or VCR was sold by Sony in 1971.
1. Who ?
2. When ?
3. What ?
III. Using the prompts below, write sentences in the Past Passive .
1. -What a nice bike! – It/ give/ my parents/ birthday.
2. – Look at that house! What happened to it? – It/ destroy/ in an earthquake.

3. – Where were you born? – In London / but/ I / raise/ in New York.

Английский язык: новые вопросы

Прям надо1. put am/is/are or do/don’t/does/doesn’t. вставьте am/is/are или do/don’t/does/doesn’t.1. i … working under my project.2. excuse me, … you speak english? 3. he … not washing his car, he’s reading a newspaper.4. can you repeat this rule? i … understand.5. she … work. she is ill.6. how much …. it cost to go to the theatre? 7. they … painting the picture in the garden.2. put the verbs in brackets into the present continuous or present simple. 1. excuse me, … you … (know) where the post office is? 2. i … (want) to eat a sandwich.3. … you … (go) to travel abroad next year? 4. where’s bob? he … (listen) to music in his room.5. how often … you …. (go) for a walk in the park? 6. my father … (read) magazines very often.7. what time … your mother … (finish) her job in the evening? 8. she … (go) to the gym twice a week.9. liza … usually … (drive) to work. he usually catches the bus.10. they … (do) their homework in the room.3. вставьте подходящие по смыслу личные местоимения в объектном падеже.1. where is nick? i want to play tennis with … . 2. bess is here. do you want to speak to … ? 3. my sister speaks french. she learns … at school. 4. look at that man. do you know … ? 5. do you want to read this newspaper? i can give … to … . 6. if you see ben and bess, please, don't tell … anything. 7. we want to phone helen and invite … to the party.